How To Play
Welcome to the 680 NEWS Insider Club, a free on air/web based interactive promotional program designed to honour and reward our loyal 680 NEWS listeners.

As a member of the 680 NEWS Insider Club you'll have a chance to win some fabulous prizes, provide feedback on issues of the day, sign up for breaking news alerts, newsletters and listen to exclusive on line content.

You must register by setting up a username and password in order to earn and redeem Credits, view your account balance, and see special offers for members only. You can access this information on the main page at


Once validated as a 680 NEWS Insider Club member, all you need to do is enter your username and password to gain access to 680 NEWS Insider Club features. You will be able to update your registration information as needed, as well as change your password. Profile updates and password changes have no effect on your Credits account. Your Credit balances will always remain tied to your username.



The accumulation of Credits gives you opportunities to win your share of the hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, cash, and discounts offered throughout the year on 680 NEWS. There are many ways for you to earn Credits, as outlined below.

1. Signing up.

Just for signing up you'll receive 680 Credits for entering the Welcome Bonus Code: 680.

2. 'Be the First to Know' Bonus Code

Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), correctly enter the bonus code found in the 'Be the First to Know' e-mail to receive 350 credits. By doing so, you'll also be eligible to win daily prizes!* The 'Be the First to Know' e-mail is a daily snapshot of top stories in the news that morning delivered straight to your device! To find out what the daily/weekly prizes available are, please visit our contests page here:

*From Monday - Friday, one person per day will be randomly drawn from those who participants who correctly entered the bonus code to win the daily prize.


Selected winners will be notified by 680 NEWS promotional staff by email or telephone the week following. If the selected entrant cannot be reached within 5 business days, another entrant will be drawn.

If the selected entrant does not correctly answer the skill-testing question or does not accept the prize as awarded, another entrant will be drawn.


No correspondence will be entered into except with the selected entrants.

3. Weekly Insider Survey Question

Make your vote count in our weekly 680 NEWS Insider Club polls. Every time you vote you'll receive 500 Credits.


4. 680 NEWS Insider Club Sponsored Surveys

Occasionally 680 NEWS will ask you to fill out a survey from one of our sponsors. The survey might ask you about the sponsor's product, product preferences, how they can improve their product, etc. If you fill it out, you'll be given Credits.


5. Bonus Code Events

From time to time, 680 NEWS will announce special events or display them on the 680 NEWS Insider Club Web site where we will give away Bonus Codes for Credits. Login to the Insider Club site and go to the Bonus Code Event section to see how and where you can earn more Credits.



6. Twitter Bonus Code

Each day, 680 NEWS will post a bonus code worth 250 credits on our Twitter page:



7. Facebook Bonus Code

Every Thursday, 680 NEWS will supply you with a bonus code on our Facebook page that you will have to enter in the Insider Club in order to receive 500 credits.



Your 680 NEWS Insider Club

As a 680 NEWS Insider Club member, your Credits earned accumulate in your account. To check your current balance of your credits, login to 680 NEWS Insider Club and click on "Transactions", you can find under the "My Account" drop-down menu.





By accumulating Credits you earn the opportunity to reap rewards!

Here's how you can use them towards prizes, cash, discounts, opportunities and adventures.


1. Weather Guarantee

To enter the Weather Guarantee simply redeem the required number of credits for each entry. Enter as often as you like. However, remember all entries will be cleared out after each draw.


2. Contests

Every week 680 NEWS will offer wonderful prizes. Just check to see how many Credits each entry requires. You can enter as often as you like provided you redeem the required number of Credits.

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